If You Have Difficulty Meditating,
Or Just Want To Reach The Deepest Meditation Possible...

Modern Science Meets
Ancient Meditation Secrets.

There are many good meditation recordings available that will relax you into a light alpha meditation. But if normal meditations don't work for you, or you are looking for for a deeper, more intense experience then keep reading...
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Theta Brainwaves are one of four naturally occurring brain frequencies.
Beta (12-20 hz)- Normal alert state.
Alpha (7-12 hz)- Awake but relaxed. Light meditation.
Theta (4-7 hz.)- Advanced Deep Meditation.
Delta (0.5-4hz)- Sleep.

6 Different
Meditation Programs.

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Only 14.95 each

Our NeuroHarmonic Meditations use Theta brainwave entrainment to help you reach the deepest levels of consciousness. At this wavelength, the mind can produce vivid imagery and visions, learn faster, recall “forgotten” memories, and do many other useful things.
iPhone Targeted Content
• Stop mental self chatter.

• Free yourself from negative thoughts.

• Improve self esteem and self worth.

• Cope with difficult situations.

• Break free from obstacles and limits.
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iPad Targeted Content
• Stop mental self chatter.

• Free yourself from negative thoughts.

• Improve self esteem and self worth.

• Cope with difficult situations.

• Break free from obstacles and limits.
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Android Targeted Content
Blackberry Targeted Content
Desktop and all none targeted content
• Stop mental self chatter.

• Free yourself from negative thoughts.

• Improve self esteem and self worth.

• Cope with difficult situations.

• Break free from obstacles and limits.
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• Experience deep inner peace.

• Improve focus and ability to learn.

• Have more creative breakthroughs.

• Have more energy.

• Renew your joy of living.
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NeuroHarmonic "Extra-Strength" Meditation MP3s
Combine 12 Methods For A Deep, Blissful Meditation.

Watch the video (2 minutes).

NeuroHarmonic Meditations use 12 different methods to help you reach a deep theta meditation. Each of these methods is effective for reaching a meditative state, but together they work in harmony to produce a synergetic effect.
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Powerful Techniques From Medical Science
Several years ago, an interesting client came into the recording studio…

A Psychologist who had developed a method of inducing a relaxed hypnogogic state using only the spoken voice. These methods included progressive relaxation, autogenics, and a hypnotic countdown. We have incorporated these techniques into our NeuroHarmonic Meditations.
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High Quality MP3 Instant Download.
Compatible with iTunes, iPhones, iPads, Android phone, Mac and PC computers. Just download the MP3 to your computer and transfer to your device as you would for any music file.
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No Subliminal Messages.
You remain in control, and choose the imagery that is right for you.
  • 1. Earth Year Frequency

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    The frequency of the earth's revolution around the sun raised 32 octaves. This new frequency is 136.10 Hz. You will not hear this note in most modern music, as it falls between C and C#. According to mathematician Hans Cousto it is excellent for meditating.

    Click each technique below for more...

    Watch The Earth Year Video

  • 2. Binaural Beats

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    (Track 1 of each program). Two different frequencies are played through headphones, one in each ear. The difference between the two frequencies creates a pulse or "beat". Your brainwaves will then entrain to that beat.
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  • 3. Pulse Modulated Waves

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    (Track 2 of each program). Entrain the brainwaves to theta by modulating the Earth Year Frequency through a synthesizer ADSR envelope filter. Pulse modulated Waves (also known as Isochronic tones) don’t require headphones and can be played through any stereo speakers.
  • 4. Music Recorded While in Meditation.

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    If I slipped out of that state, we would start the recording over again. The resulting music is very powerful and has been described as “comfortable and cozy... like a warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around you”.
  • 5. Specific Tempos and Rhythms

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    Tempos and Rhythms were selected for brain entrainment into a theta state. All of the aspects of the music: tempo, rhythms, even the length of the reverb and delay effects are all precisely calculated to work together harmoniously.
  • 6. Sound textures (timbres) are designed for meditating.

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    Any sounds that interfere with the meditative state were eliminated.
  • 7. Pythagorean Tuning

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    Also known as Just Intonation. The music on the NeuroHarmonic Meditation series is not tuned to the normal western “even tempered tuning” (which is actually slightly out of tune to allow for different keys). Instead, the ancient Pythagorean intonation is used, as this is mathematically in perfect tune. This makes the music extremely pleasant to our brains.
  • 8. Alpha Relaxation Methods

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    Simple but effective methods slow your brainwaves down to alpha before you reach the deeper theta state.
    You can try these methods now:

    8a. Yogic Breathing-
    Inhale deeply by first filling your throat with air, then your lungs, and finally your stomach (diaphragm). Exhale slowly in the opposite order, stomach, lungs, throat.

    8b.  Turn Your Eyes slightly upwards- You often do this naturally when trying to remember the past.

    8c. Lightly Touch The Tip Of Your Tongue To The Roof Of Your Mouth Just Behind Your Teeth.
  • 9 Progressive Relaxation

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    A stress management technique first developed by Edmund Jacobson in the early 1920s. It involves alternately tensing and relaxing the muscles and remains in wide use by modern physical therapists.
  • 10 Autogenic Training

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    A relaxation technique developed by the German psychiatrist Johannes Schultz and first published in 1932 that uses visualizations to induce a state of relaxation. Typical sessions isolate body parts one by one and induce commands such as "your legs are heavy and warm", or "your heartbeat is calm". This technique is still used safely and effectively by clinicians.
  • 11. Hypnotic Countdown

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    A gentle non-invasive hypnosis method. You can hear this in the sample further down this page.
  • 12. Guided Imagery composed in meditative state.

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    Familiar, gentle, peaceful images allow you to “paint” a landscape... in your mind.

    Cathie Reel is the gentle, soothing voice that will help you on your journey into your own mind.

Refined and Tested
For Two Decades.

First created in 1994 by Steve and Cathie Reel, these meditation recordings are the result of years of research on music, sound, psychology, and the human mind.

NeuroHamonic Meditations have been used by hospital surgical teams, doctors offices, and even a lamaze coach.
"…amazing, relaxing effect unlike any I have ever run across. Quite heavenly! Thank You!"
Catherine O.

"Wonderous! It's worth more to me than most of the gifts that I've been given."
Greg A.

6 Different
Meditation Programs.

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Only 14.95 each

Deep, Blissful Theta Meditation
As Easy As Pressing "Play"

Try It Now

Listen to this two and a half minute sample right now. Some people say they can actually feel the effect as their brainwaves slow into the relaxed theta state. Can you?

1. Minimize distractions, tv, phone, etc.
2. Use headphones.
3. Take several deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling fully.
4. Close your eyes, and turn your eyes slightly upward under your eyelids.
5. Press the play button.